About us

The Motive The second incarnation of a local band that welds the principles of contemporary guitar bands with those of fundamentalist punk rock. The original 3 piece band folded after nearly 2 years due to internal strife but was resurrected almost immediately following some spectacular chance encounters; fate indeed! Add Jones, the original front man and rhythm guitarist found himself shouting his manifesto of frustration into the face and ears of his office co-worker, Biff Bradley....who took the invective out of Add's sails by suggesting an impromptu jam session with him on bass. Biff had previously been in another band called Whatever! as the vocalist/ guitarist but had recently begun to learn the bass. In the same office, there was (uncannily) a lead guitarist of considerable skill and imagination, Rob Bamber, who agreed to also join the fledgling band for a one-off session whilst he considered his musical options. Add knew of a great drummer with a local band called 'The Regulars' and immediately decided to poach him for The Motive. It immediately became clear that the four-piece gelled almost supernaturally well! The band quickly got to work developing a set of short, sharp songs (some lasting only a minute and a half!) delivered with razor-edged riffs, shouty choruses, metronomic bass, pneumatic drums and (conversely) some pretty infectious melodies, bringing the band comparisons with early Buzzcocks and the Stooges at one end of the spectrum and The Rakes, Dirty Pretty Things and Arctic Monkey's being cited as more current reference points.